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    Innovation Management

    Discover and manage new streams of innovative ideas from your employees, customers and partners.

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    Process Improvement

    Improve business results by engaging your employees in cost reduction and business improvement processes.

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    Marketing & Strategy

    Engage your customers and employees by adding innovation and collaboration to your business strategy.

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    Citizens Engagement

    Strengthen the citizens trust and create an open communication channel with your community.

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    Market Research

    Leverage the power of collective intelligence and gain insights directly from your potential market.

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    Idea Management

    Utilize the knowledge and experience of your employees by involving them directly in your decision making processes.


Your platform. Your rules.

End-to-end idea management software tailored to your exact needs
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    Idea evaluation lifecycle
    Define the workflow of ideas, stage by stage, according to your organization’s culture and requirements.
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    Multiple processes
    Run multiple workflows in parallel, for different uses – new products, continuous improvement etc.
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    Idea campaigns
    You may launch as many idea campaigns as you need and run them in parallel to find solutions to any challenges that your organization is facing.
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    Full control
    Easily define the guidelines for your idea campaigns. Set specific time-frames, participants, roles, permissions and evaluation processes for each and every campaign.
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    Fully branded platform
    Design an inviting interface, fitted to your branding and specific requirements
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    Customized home page
    Define any combination of images and content – we will design the perfect homepage for your platform, based on your brand identity.
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    Use our Gamification techniques and tools to  engage your users, increase participation and improve the results of your innovation process.
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    Every user may have a personal profile page, where they can easily track all activities that are relevant to them.
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    Communication & Email Alerts
    Communicate with your users by incorporating email alerts at various stages of the workflow.
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